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This article will elaborate on step by step process that you need to follow to become a MD or a doctor. You will get to learn about the education, experience and job description that helps you complete your education as a MD and pursue a career as a doctor.


Attain a Bachelor’s Degree
To attain admission in any medical school, you need to acquire a bachelor’s degree. Medicals schools mostly look for students who have a wide educational background as well as firm base in natural sciences and some experience in healthcare sector. While enrolling for the course as a student you should make sure that the course includes majorly science studies. Students are also asked to complete their undergraduate course in mathematics, English and social sciences.

After you complete the bachelor’s degree the next step is to


Obtain a Medical Degree
The medical course offered in medical schools generally has the duration of 4 years. The first two years of the course involves laboratory plus classroom sessions and the last two years train the students to have hands on experience directly with the patients, but under the supervision of senior and experienced doctors. The coursework in medical schools include topics in pathology, biochemistry, anatomy and pharmacology. Students are also trained to learn the aspects of legal issues associated with medicine along with the medical practice.

The clinical sessions include the participation of students in an array of speciality sectors like radiology, medicine and neurology.


Residency programs are the program that gives opportunity for the ambitious doctors to practice directly with the patients in specializing in a particular field of medicine. Some of these fields include paediatrics, internal medicine, anaesthesiology etc.

Residents have to take care of a number of activities like patient care that involves creating the lists of problems, conducting a physical examination and collecting medical histories. Depending on the area of your specialization the residency program can last from 3 to 7 years. Most residents normally complete the program in various hospitals itself.


Get Licensure
All the states want the physicians to have license before they could actually start their practice in the field of medicine. Graduation degree from a reputed medical school is a must for a physician to get the licensure. Candidates are required to complete a residency program and clear the exams. Upon getting license as a physician you also need to renew your licence from time to time.